Terms Of Trade Customer Agreement Plumbing

2.1 The customer has exclusively acceptance and is immediately: Solidarity, by these terms and conditions, if the Customer gives or accepts an order for works or accepts these provisions, these conditions can only be changed in writing with the agreement of both parties and apply to the extent that there is opposition with other documents or agreements between the client and the contractor.2.3 If the client expressly instructs the holder to empty an exit section or increments, any guarantee applies only to deleted sections and not to other sections. If the blockage is considered extreme, the licensee reserves the right to submit a report to the client`s acceptance before resuming other work.2.4 If the remediation or drainage work specifically mentioned in an offer or on invoice includes cleaning rainwater or draining sewers by appliances such as an electric singe: the customer:a) acknowledges that he has been informed that the use of the device may damage or destroy the pipes; (b) agrees that if such damage or destruction of the pipes occurs, any repair or rectification is carried out at the customer`s expense and, as such, compensates the contractor for all costs; and (c) recognizes that the supplier asks the supplier to use flow locking devices and (c) does not recommend the use of these devices, as there is a risk that the equipment will be placed, clogged or broken in the spillway, which the contractor may ask the contractor or his representative to authorize in writing the start of the work. If the leak/pipe locking device is then shut down or put in place, the customer will bear the costs of repairing, replacing and/or recovering these devices. In addition, the licensee reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to simply charge for the initial examination and to refer the client to an appropriate service provider; (d) accepts that if the holder is only responsible for the discharge and not the authorization and the release is considered incomplete, the contractor will implement the evacuation at a level that allows for additional replacement and modification in accordance with point, when the contractor is required to provide the emergency work; who may require the contractor`s staff to work outside normal working hours (including, but not only at work, for lunch breaks, weekends and/or holidays), the holder reserves the right to charge the client an additional labour cost (penalties) unless the owner and the client agree otherwise.2.6 In the event that the documents and/or works provided by the holder are elements and/or works of an insurance activity. , which the client has argued, the customer is responsible for the payment of the funds to be paid to the insurance company and agrees to: 2.7 If the client is a tenant (and therefore not the owner of the land and premises in which the work is to be carried out), the customer guarantees that he has obtained the full agreement of the owner for the contractor to provide the work to the owner. The client acknowledges and accepts that he is personally responsible for the full payment of the price of all works made available under this contract and that the contractor is liable for any claim by the owner of the site (regardless of its evolution) with regard to the provision of the works by the contractor, if such a request is not a result of the owner`s negligence in making the work available.2.8 The owner agrees to provide proof, at the request of the contractor, that he owns the land and land on which the work is carried out; or (b) if they are tenants, have the owner`s consent for work done on the land and on site.2.9 Electronic signatures are considered to be of b

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