Strategic Partnership Agreement Meaning In Tamil

As part of a strategic partnership, two companies are interweeding their efforts in a particular area, such as marketing, supply chain, integration, technology, finance or a combination of these. Like strategic partnerships, strategic legal alliances offer companies a number of benefits through legal agreement, including additional resources, manpower and brand power. If you want to create a business model for strategic partnerships, you should always consider the value you can offer and the resources you need. The business model should be a mutually beneficial structure and not a one-sided relationship consisting exclusively of a desire for additional revenue. Look for partners you can trust to display your brand name correctly and with whom you would be proud to unite in your future efforts. A popular (and extremely valuable) alliance is the strategic partnership of the supply chain. One of the most obvious places to see strategic in-action procurement partnerships is the film industry. If you`ve ever noticed that most films list different companies strangely named before the start of the film, it`s because movies are usually made using a supply-chain method. A relatively small production house will provide rotation and post-production, and a larger studio will finance, market and distribute the film.

Think of J.J. Abrams` Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, who maintain such a partnership agreement. Once you have found a strategic partner with whom you can work, you must develop and sign a strategic partnership proposal or agreement with them. This type of document can be relatively simple, to extremely complex, depending on the scope of the partnership, the terms of the agreement and the scope of the companies involved. Strategic partnerships have also emerged to solve many business problems. The book Vested: How P-G, McDonald`s and Microsoft redefining Winning in Business Relationships[2] profile strategic partnerships in major business process outsourcing relationships, public-private infrastructure projects, facilities management and supply chain relationships. Contemporary strategic procurement and procurement processes allow companies to use business models of success or vested sourcing to build strategic relationships with suppliers. [3] Marketing partnerships are widespread in the automotive industry, such as the Toyota IQ, which is also marketed as Aston Martin Cygnet. The idea is that one company makes a product and another adds its own spin marketing to open up a new market. And both parties offer our customers a lighter service. Strategic partnerships for integration may include agreements between hardware and software manufacturers or agreements between two software developers working together to have their respective technologies fully (and not always exclusive) cooperated.

According to our internal surveys, India has about 200 million Anglophones. There is a huge field that needs to be covered in terms of learning English in India. With the advent of the Internet age and the popularization of 4G networks in India, this strategic partnership U-Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary will help educate existing and potential users through the U-Dictionary application. The same logic can be applied to a variety of different products, so it is something worth considering in many situations. If you are interested in a strategic marketing partnership, you would like to look for either a reference with which you will share a customer base or a company active in a related sector capable of marketing your goods or services to a new target audience. Such an agreement could exist between a digital marketing agency and a graphic designer, a web designer, a database management company or an Internet service provider and an e-mail provider, to name but a few of the many possibilities.

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