Russia Vietnam Free Trade Agreement

At the same time, the iran agreement carries some political risks. In September 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran and 25 Iranian companies. The United States also calls for its allies and the international community to adhere to these sanctions. Sanctions against Tehran are likely to continue to expand. Discussions with Israel are progressing more slowly. The first round of negotiations took place at the end of 2018. It focused on trade defence measures, rules on the origin of goods, customs cooperation, dispute resolution, technical barriers to trade, health and plant health standards, public procurement and trade issues. The main problem is to reconcile the positions of the parties. Political differences with Tehran, which has already reached an agreement with the Eurasian Union, have not significantly influenced the course of the talks. More than 40 countries and international organizations, including China, Indonesia, Israel and Iran, have expressed interest in a free trade agreement with the bloc. Armenia will benefit the most from trade with Iran, as it is subject to the economic blockade of Turkey and Azerbaijan and has no common borders with EAEU member states. Kristina Dubinima, sales manager at Gaz International LLC in Asia, said in an interview with the Vietnam Economic Times that Gaz “explored the Vietnamese market in 2016 and 2017 and late last year and participated this year in two exhibitions on the country`s auto industry to study customers.

We have also conducted commercial promotion activities in Vietnam and we will start selling our products in the country this year. We plan to establish a joint venture with a Vietnamese company to benefit from import duties on spare parts and cars imported by zero per cent. The agreement takes due account of the experience gained in working on documents already signed and also covers potential business risks. During the negotiations, special attention was paid to products sensitive to the EAEU market. EAEU Trade Minister Veronika Nikishina stressed that products such as “beef, cheese, spirits, baby food, dairy products, cars, planes – all this will be excluded from the agreement, we will not lower tariffs on these products.” This is one of the results of the eurasian Union`s painstaking work in signing free trade agreements with the countries concerned. Such agreements strengthen EAEU`s positions in the regional and global economy and promote market expansion for economies. However, the signing of such documents is not the objective of the EAEU as such. The fact is that they offer mutual benefits. The eurasian Commission`s gradual experience allows it to clarify the interests of its Member States and to neutralise risks to domestic producers when signing preferential trade agreements. This practice continues.

The agreement establishing the EEU was signed in 2014 by the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan then joined us. The bloc should guarantee the free movement of goods, services, capital and workers between Member States. 24. Truong-Minh Seen. Vietnam “Niche Market” FTA Strategie / cogitAsia.

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