Can New Management Change Lease Agreement

I`m a Texas tenant with an animal additive signed for two dogs. Our apartment imposes new restrictions and conditions for the possession of pets: limited number of “aggressive breeds” allowed on the property No rescue dogs do not need exclusive owner of the adoptable age dog Pet interview These are new implementations, not in the initial supplement I signed, but the TAA rental agreement says that reasonable changes can be made in writing. Although I have no problem with a pet interview, both dogs are rescues. A dog is what could be considered an aggressive breed. Do I have a legal place? I`m happy to move (early dismissal – no expulsion, no extra fees) if necessary and I won`t renew (I`m sure they`ll implement the rules in their renewal and we`ll be off, but they can`t get rid of me, can my animals on this base? What`s in the document? I think at the end of the day, the document will protect the fence, unless it mentions something that allows the management company to make changes. Or when the conditions changed. I am also asking for justification, perhaps there is a legitimate reason for the fence to go down. Recently, my town told me that a fence on my property was too close to my driveway and that they had pushed me to remove some of it. So sometimes it`s not in anyone`s control to make those decisions. Ali, it looks like someone`s trying to get rid of you.

But at the end of the day, if you sign the rental, you are bound by its terms. So you can choose whether or not to accept the terms. I have lived in my aprtment in Colorado for over 10 years. When I moved in, I paid a deposit of 200.00. The property was sold in 2003 and all deposits were transferred, but the pet bond became a pet tax. The property is being sold again and the new owners want to collect a new pet tax, which stipulates that the old tax was not paid, but that it was owned by the former management company. Can the old management company really do this? Can the new management company clutter us up again? Recently, I moved into an apartment with my spouse. Before moving in, his ex and the landlord signed a written agreement between the previous tenant for what I was told when I was reminded of the rent. The owner now wanted to charge a late fee after I had been living in the apartment for more than six months. Our rental income indicates delays in fees and none of this has been mentioned or written. But not long ago, the landlord said that I was paying for the return rent and that the current rent, for which I pay on time, is too late. I disagree.

I have the impression that the owner is using unethical alarmism to justify this change, which has already been ranked fourth. The owner began aggressively to say that by law I can be charged a late fee after mentioning a tax on the most receipt for this month was made by mistake. Karen, Karen, Karen. You probably won`t like my answer, but I`ll give it to you directly. They would never have entered into the lease without the move being ready.

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